Hi, we're LOOCRUM.

A team of leading marketing technologists.
Build and scale hyper-optimized websites and funnels on autopilot.

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our expertise

We are a digital adtech consultancy.

LOOCRUM is the hybrid intersection of a consultant and an agency. We are revolutionizing the 'traditional' tactics used by growth marketers. Most agencies are slow, unorganized & use theoretical logic rather than practical use cases.

Built from ground-zero, our team consists of π-shaped marketing technologists. Our experts have worked previously in Fortune 500 companies with a dual specialist knowledge in growth marketing and software engineering.

We are constantly testing new Facebook strategies in order to maximize every dollar spent to its full capabilities. We aim to maximize profits, scale aggressively while staying congruent to your brand & image.

Why work with us?


Wide variety of services

Higher quality candidates

Generalist knowledge

Higher cost

No company fit assessment

Lack of employer branding


Professional expertise


High hourly cost

Temporary solution

Hit or miss communication

1 expert


Specialist knowledge

Streamlined communication

Minimum 2X ROI within first 90 days

Fixed 3 month agreement, rolling month-to-month after

Offer long term contracts

1-5 experts

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If you're concerned your business doesn't fit the bill, but interested in our services feel free to book a call with us anyway. We'll take a look with you to see if there's a fit.
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